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Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Url opener is a SEO tool open multiple websites at the same time. Just Single click and Save time for open many site.
1.Put multiple urls in the box.
2.Add http in url. do not use without http. use like http://www.domain.com.
3.Each line represent the single domain.
Url Opener
This Url Opener made by  nitesh hardia and sumit hardia.
Features: A simple to use web service. Does not need any signing up. Lets you start multiple URLs at the same time. Helps not waste time.–>

Definitions of URL OPENER:

URL opener a popular website that designed with feature to make a text link following by .com to a accessible or checkable link .One can use number of URL for the conversion and also allow to open all those click-able URL's in different tabs at successive time.

URL opener is software which through we open many URL in many tabs.

URL opener is very useful software I always recommend it to beginner seo’s guys, try it and see how multi urls work in a same time.

URL Opener is SEO tool, Paste multiple URLs into the box and press Open URLs. This will come out to pop up all the websites at one time, or open each URL separately. We suggest setting your browser to open new windows in tabs.

URL opener is software for use open multiple web site in few minutes on your browser.
Url Opener is a tool which can open many url at a time with a just single click in your browser. It saves our time that we have spent in copy and pasting one by one url in search engine.

Mostly URL Opener is use for SEO process. URL opener is helpful for open multiple URL in the box at the same time. By using URL opener a person can open each URL separately.
We do also call URL Opener as 'open window' file. Paste all the url's you need to open on the same window but in different tabs & then click 'Open'.

URL Opener is SEO tool. URL Opener provides url open more than one from just single click...